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How Razer’s Triple Screen Announcement Transformed our Startup in Seconds

More than excited by the growth potential they’ve seen in us since our very first meeting last year in Brussels, we are delighted to share with you the fact we have been invited to their event in Berlin, fully dedicated to their associates and partners, next month.

For our German backers, this will be a good reason to put your hands on it without necessarily travelling to Paris, upon request 🙂 Just drop us an e-mail if you want to grab a coffee in Berlin that day, we’ll be more than happy to bring the Slide with us.

Once again, for those who might be worried and be thinking every time we are attending an event has a cause and effect relationship with our delays, we guarantee it is clearly not. We simply have nothing to hide, reason why we share them publicly with you. The engineering, design and electronic teams do their job while we are biweekly meeting them. Giving us the time to keep promoting, taking care of all the standards, moving forward in all production details, molding, packaging, taking care of all contracts, and tens of other tasks that need to be done..